outdoor kitchen

Project ID #020

  • Location: Mechanicsburg, PA | Cumberland County
  • Key Features: Custom Patio, Seating Walls, Masonry Bar Wall, Fireplace, Kitchen
  • Project Price: $120,000 - $150,000
  • Patio Details
  • Patio Color: Blue Select
  • Patio Type: Thermal Flagstone
  • Patio Size: 575
  • Wall Details
  • Wall Color: Stonecraft, Bucktown Heritage with Flagstone cap
  • Wall Type: masonry

This beautiful outdoor living space served the purpose of upgrading the outdoor options and available space. Essentially doubling their outdoor space, this family now has an endless possibility of hosting whatever function they’d like. 

Chosen to complement the existing color pallet, the stone and block mix perfectly to give the feeling of “complete.” By removing the Wooden pillar supporting the existing deck the family was also able to add a windowed wall. Offering privacy and additional protection from the elements. Of course, the fireplace area is the true hero here. With a cozy place to huddle up with loved ones and share experiences, no better way to enjoy outdoor living.